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Truth, Grace and SECOR

“I love You, Lord,
Oh, Your mercy never fails me.
All my days, I’ve been held in Your hands.
From the moment that I wake up
Until I lay my head,
Oh, I will sing of the goodness of God.”
-Jenn Johnson

For the next 3 weeks during choir, we will be collecting supplies for the SECOR food bank. 

Sopranos – Health and Beauty
feminine hygiene products

Altos – Cleaning Products
laundry detergent
fabric softener sheets
dish soap
spray cleaners (like 409)

Tenors – Baby Supplies
diapers (any size, but larger sizes are harder for them to get)
baby food 
baby formula 

Grace and Truth

“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.”  John 1:14

Jesus came from the Father full of grace and truth.

Ever met someone who projects a lot of truth, but not much grace? The way they talk and the content of their words seems to spill out all over you in the most uncomfortable hues of potent black and white. We might secretly think of them as the Pharisees we know; life is all about the rules. It’s all about what’s right, or whatever they think is right. And if you are on the receiving end of this person’s scrutiny, you feel like you will never measure up. Which is true. You won’t. You can’t. No one can. 

You might also know the person who seeps a lot of grace all over you, but not much truth. What’s right and wrong is merely a suggestion. Their favorite color of life is grey. Everything is mottled grey. No matter what you do or are about to do, grace has you covered. So who really cares about your actions? Jesus loves you, right? Jesus wants you to be happy, right? So just live and let live and love and let love. Right? It’s a beautiful thing. You will probably find yourself sitting in a giant mess of consequences, but, at least you were happy. Mostly. Maybe.

Chances are you resemble one of these two people more than the other one. Or maybe you act one way or the other depending on the situation, or the person you are interacting with, or the circumstance or situations that happened long ago. 

I wonder which person most describes you. 

John 1 tells us that Jesus came from the Father full of grace and truth. It doesn’t say that He has the right balance of one or the other. It says that He is FULL of both. FULL OF GRACE and FULL OF TRUTH. Jesus has a full measure of both of these seemingly conflicting virtues at the same time. The things he says and the way he loves are a pure reflection of grace AND truth. 

Grace makes truth more gracious, and truth makes grace more honest.

Which do you need more of in your life? Is it grace? Is it truth? What do you need to do to obtain more of it? 

How can we grow toward being full of both? 

I don’t have the answer, but I think that seeking Jesus through His Word and asking Him to live this out in us seems like a good place to start.

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