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Found Worthy

Found Worthy
by Krissy Hanna

There was a filthy girl sitting by a tree. She found herself there because she had been searching. She had noticed a large lighted barn when she was far away and she knew instinctively that she just had to get there. When she got close, the light was so bright she had to shut her eyes.  She knew that there was someone important inside that she desperately needed to know.

She wanted to go inside, but she was too terribly dirty. So she began to scrub herself with a rag that she had acquired along the way. She worked vigorously at the spots of caked on mud and grime, carefully avoiding the scratches and the deep wounds. But the more she scrubbed, the worse things became. The work seemed to cause more damage, but she kept at it. She wasn’t exactly sure how long she sat there, looking down, focusing on her unworthiness. But at some point, she heard a faint sound and looked up. 

There stood a man dressed in white whose eyes seemed to peer straight into her soul. Normally strangers scared her, but not this man. After a moment, or longer (who could know?), he reached out his hand to her and said, 
            “If you will allow me to make you clean, I am willing. I died in order that you might be found pure and holy. Reach out, grab my hand, and I will lead you into the light.”

She paused in her scrubbing but felt like his message sounded too good to be true. How could he make her clean? She’d been trying for so long to scrub away the dirt. Cautiously she grabbed his hand and said, 
            “I will try to trust you.” He helped her up to a standing position. 

Almost at once, a beautiful gown tumbled down over her filthy rags and as it covered her, the old dress melted away. The man said to her, 
            “My Father is so holy and perfect that he cannot look upon sin. Long ago we designed the world to be a perfect place, but people chose their own way and spoiled the perfect design. We knew they would. For everyone has a desire to pick their own truth and be their own leader. Eventuallysome people realize that this approach to life doesn’t work out well. This is not how our kingdom was designed. There is a benevolent king who must rule, but who loves his people so much that everything that He does is for their best. He sent his son to fight the battle over sin and death. I am his son. I fought for you. And I won. You are free to be in the Presence of my Father, the most valiant of rulers, the most fair of leaders, and the most righteous of judges. He has found you worthy, because of me.” 

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