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Straighten the Crooked

Straighten the Crooked
by Krissy Hanna

“Consider what God has done: Who can straighten what he has made crooked?” Ecclesiastes 7:13

Consider what God has done…

How many times have I wondered why God allows certain things to happen on this earth?  I’m baffled by the condition of our world. Why, God, why?

Does God allow things to be broken or crooked or messed up on purpose? To all those perfectionists out there, could that be true? Is it even okay for things to be crooked? What even is God’s definition of “crooked”? Are the things that I assume are crooked really crooked? Or am I just looking at them from the wrong angle? Could it be that I don’t understand what is really going on? Should I instead be considering what God has done and what He is currently doing? Should I be asking him? Demanding answers?

What happens when things go wrong, when things get bent, twisted, shifty, irregular, or askew? 

I know when things go wonky in my life, I tend to lean in to the One who I know can make it straight. 

There’s a thought. 

When things are already leaning, I lean into God more.

My friend used to always say, “Don’t fix what God is breaking.” I’ve heard it another way too: “Don’t try to fix what God is allowing to be broken.”

So, how do we even know how things should be? Doesn’t God decide if askew is right? If it seems tilted to me, then somehow it seems like it is not “right”. What if some of the things that don’t seem right actually are? Or maybe I am seeing them exactly how God wants me to see them, and maybe God is using the crooked thing (whatever it may be) for a purpose I can’t see.

(Or maybe don’t want to see.)

I don’t think that He ever wants me to turn my back on the crooked. 

So, what is He calling me to do about it?

I think sometimes, He asks us to help straighten it, but often He chooses to make it that way and leave it that way. 

So who can straighten what He has made crooked? 

Who indeed? 

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