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A Spider’s Gift

A Spider’s Gift
By Stacy Dean

“Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.”  1 Corinthians 12:27

I was sitting in my parents’ dining room watching a spider spin a web on the balcony.  Back and forth it crawled from the chair to the table and then to the umbrella stand.  Watching it work was mesmerizing. So for several minutes, we just sat and marveled at the persistent beauty of the spider and his work ethic.

Back and forth. 
Up and down.
Over and over.

After a while it started creating circles around the main center of the web. Around and around it went. Then it began zig zagging between the circles.  I couldn’t believe how intricate the pattern was.  This spider was very particular.  Everything was specifically placed with a purpose. The whole piece of artwork was beautifully designed so that the spider could trap its dinner.

I had never watched a spider create a web.  I have, however, walked into an already deigned web and ended up with web goo on my clothing and in my hair.  But never before had I been a witness to the creation process.

God created this tiny arachnid to do something so specific and creative.  He put beauty in something that He knew would not live a long life compared to ours. 

He gave it creativity.
He gave it purpose. 
He gave it a gift. 

We are His creation and created in His image. We are set apart to do good works. We’ve been given great gifts to further the purpose of bringing others into a loving relationship with Him.

A spider spins a web to trap a fly. But we are commissioned to “spin our webs” not as a trap, but to draw others close in order to show them a better way of life.

You and I have been chosen and created to display the beauty of God’s kingdom. 

Let’s not waste any opportunity.