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Video Doorbells and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Video Doorbells and Chocolate Chip Cookies
by Julie Hagemann

Aren’t these little video doorbell gizmos crazy cool? OR are they insanely irritating? Yes, gadget man (Todd) had to install one at our residence. You can capture images of anyone (or anything) near your front door, even carry on a conversation through a little lit button…

Well, we have new neighbors and they also have a little “I Spy” button doorbell. Todd and I climbed their stairs, rang it, and stood there with a package of cookies; smiling. We actually waved at the button and struck up a conservation with it, “Hi, we’re your neighbors. We just want to say hello and welcome.”


(Let’s face it, we lean more towards dorky than threatening, but we walked away sad.)

We even tried another night.

Still Nothing.

Both of their jeeps are in their driveway, yet we haven’t meet either driver. Are they too busy to open the door? Do they feel their house isn’t put together enough? After all, they just moved in. Maybe they don’t feel put together enough because they are working hard at unpacking. I get it. Ponytails and sweats have a weird way of making us avoid people.

Is this how God feels when he wants to meet with us? He comes knocking with incredible gifts to share and we don’t open the door. We even receive tangible glimpses of His glory and greatness, but are we too preoccupied or scared to let Him in? Can you imagine how amazing Jesus’ Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe is?! Let’s not miss an opportunity to commune with the Savior. Open the door. Better yet, open your heart.

“But whoever is united with the Lord is one with him in spirit.”
1 Cor 6:17