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The Miracle of Teeth

The Miracle of Teeth
by Krissy Hanna

I once had the opportunity to eat lunch with a lovely girl in her 20s who didn’t believe in God. It’s difficult for me to understand people who don’t believe what I believe, so I was looking forward to asking plenty of questions so I could grasp the perspective of someone who would claim that she had no faith.  This lady was delightful and intelligent, which caused me to feel a bit pressured to impress her with deep and profound theological truths, just in case she asked.  We talked about why she didn’t believe in God.  And all of the sudden, I said,

“One reason I believe in God is because of teeth.”  

She laughed at me. (Who wouldn’t? This is not something you read about in Apologetics books.) My youngest son had just lost one of his teeth, and I was in awe at the miracle that occurs in our mouths as we grow up. 

So I explained what I meant by this “teeth claim”.

When my sons were born, they had no teeth. This was great news to me since I was feeding them the natural way. As soon as they were ready to start eating “real” food, teeth began “magically” appearing. These white little bony appendages surfaced one or two at a time so that it didn’t hurt my little boy’s gums too much all at once. The teeth, (the ones that came in very systematically in a distinct pattern), were small and fit the size of my kiddo’s mouth during those first few years of life. Amazing.

And when my sons grew up, they started losing their “baby” teeth so they could be replaced by bigger ones. This process happened one or two teeth at a time. (Again, this happens in a distinct pattern, starting with ones in the front.) I find this to be absolutely incredible, because if they lost all their teeth at once, they would be unable to bite, chew, or enjoy the food that sustains life.

And when those big, strong teeth broke through the skin in their mouth, the teeth had little bumps on their edges. It hurts a lot less with much less swelling when the little bumps break through the gums than it would if the teeth were flat on their edges. 

I could go on about my fascination with this.

When I finished my teeth story, this sweet girl just stared at me and smiled. The rest of the lunch went well, but I didn’t hear from her again for several years. Then, one day, she contacted me to tell me that she was happily married and very involved in a church with her family. 

She also said to me, “And I’ll never forget the story about the teeth.”

God is incredible.
The Perfect Designer

And sometimes, we just need to tell a simple story about why we believe.