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Scoop and Scoop

Scoop and Scoop
by Marcy Wehrman

Our California home has a lovely pool. When we first moved in, it was the end of summer and the neighbor’s tree was dropping delicate little pink blossoms into the pool.

How charming!

I gently scooped the blossoms out with care. The same tree, about a month later, was dropping all its leafy refuse into the pool. I (repeatedly) scooped the leaves out. A short time later we experienced gale-force winds that deposited approximately three counties’ worth of dirt and debris into the pool. I grudgingly scooped and scooped and scooped it out. Now the neighbor’s tree is dropping impossibly tiny little seeds into the pool at a rate of about six billion per day.

It’s only one tree! Where is it keeping this endless seed supply?!?

I am now annoyingly and frustratedly scooping seeds upon seeds out of the pool. My first thought was, “I didn’t make this mess! Why do I have to keep cleaning it up?”

Ah, there it is. That’s life, isn’t it, friends? We have a choice to make. We can cuss out our neighbor for planting the tree. We can curse the wind or the tree itself for simply existing. Or we can scoop the junk out of our pool and move on. Between scoopings, the pool is beautiful and able to be enjoyed. It is serene and relaxing. If I never take the time to clean it, the debris builds up and the beauty can never be fully enjoyed. So we scoop and we scoop, and eventually we get to enjoy the fruits of being faithful in the task.