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He Wants to Hear About It

by Krissy Hanna

Whenever my kids come home from school, I desperately want them to tell me about their day. I pepper them with questions as soon as they get home.

Who did you sit with at lunch? 
How were your classes? 
Were you kind?
Did your teachers teach in a way that you could understand? 
Did you learn something? 
Did you have a chance to socialize? 
Were you a blessing to someone today?
Were you on time for all of your classes? 
How did your test in _________ go? 

I want to hear the good stuff, I want to hear the bad stuff, I want to hear if there is anything troubling them. And I want to talk about it with them. (Even if I already know about it.) But when they come home and don’t tell me anything about their day, it seems to begin eroding our relationship. I began to feel distant from them and they start feeling distant from me too.

I wonder if that is what happens with our relationship with God?

Often we don’t want to bother him with our problems. I’ve heard this (and felt this) many times: I don’t want to tell him about my stuff. I will pray for other people, but I don’t talk to him about my own struggles because:

People are starving in Arica.
My neighbor is going through so many more difficult things than I am.
People all over the world are being persecuted for their faith.
Why would I bother/burden/worry God with my insignificant problems? 

Just as I am desperate for conversation with my sons, God is also longing for conversation with his children. He wants to hear about it all. Sharing our heart is what brings us closer together. Not only does it create a bond between us, but it opens the way for us to see the incredible power of God in our lives.

So may we pray about everything; he really does want to hear about it.