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Singing Alone

by Krissy Hanna

For Christmas Eve, we had a few singers from the choir trying to represent our whole choir. They did an awesome job, but it still wasn’t the same. 

A couple of them made an interesting comment which has had me pondering a bit. They said that they found it a little more difficult to sing because they hadn’t been using their voices as much since choir hasn’t been meeting,

They haven’t been singing nearly as much.

Which got me wondering, if I was never able to sing with people, would I still continue to sing alone? Would I lift up my voice often in musical worship if I could only worship by myself?

This year, I am making a point to daily worship alone. Loudly! I am going to sing at least one song a day to Jesus. It’s not going to be a “sing along with the radio” kind of worship. It is going to be a song, just to the Lord, with all the focus I can manage and all the heart that I have available. Every day. All year long. 

Join me? Alone, of course.